10 April 2011

Navajo Hogan

The place: Navajo Hogan (website)

What we hoped for: 
The restaurant to actually be open (and a tasty Navajo taco).

What we had:

green chili Navajo taco


sweet fry bread

The pros: 
The actual fry bread is delicious.  It is the best Navajo taco you will find in SLC.  Both of our main dishes were very good and the owners were friendly.

The cons:
It's hard to ever find it open.  We have tried to go many times before with no luck, but we hear they are open pretty regularly for lunch and evenings during the week.  There isn't a lot of creativity on the menu.  We found that the burrito was the exact same thing as the Navajo taco, only the fry bread was folded in half.

What to get:
You absolutely must try their sweet fry bread.  Imagine a churro and a scone got married and had a beautiful baby and smothered it in honey butter.  Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.  The Navajo tacos are also very delicious, topped with beans, beef, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and cheese.  Add a little of their tasty salsa and you have a great and very filling meal.

Urban Spoon users: are basically right, but not too many people know about it.

Rating (1-5 mo-mos, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best)

Atmosphere: 2.5 mo-mos: The place looked clean and has quite a bit of seating, but it's nothing too exciting.
Price (main course): 3.5 mo-mos: It's just under $6.00 for a Navajo taco.  Not the cheapest thing to eat, but you get a lot of tasty food for the price.

Food (main course): 4 mo-mos: It's a nice change of pace meal.  Not something to eat every day, but a good dish to add to the line up.
Price (dessert): 5 mo- mos: $1.89 for pure heaven.
Food (dessert): 5 mo-mos: Can we stress any more how delicious the sweet fry bread was?  We are adding this to our exclusive SLC Shawsome Spots club.  Go get one, now!  Though they probably aren't open.

Will we be back? You bet!  Especially for dessert.

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  1. Driving past it I have often wondered if this restaurant would be any good.