08 May 2011

Andinita Venezuelan Restaurant

The place: Andinita's Venezuelan Restaurant

What we hoped for: Something new. This is a time when we were eating out for the sake of eating out, and googled around for Latin American food.

What we had:

Ham and Cheese Patacone, which was a ham and cheese sandwich on fried plantains, with veggies (including avocado) and green sauce.

Pabellon Arepa, which was shredded beef, black beans, cheese, and sweet plantains on an almost pupusa-like bun.  This was grilled, but it's also served fried,

Plenty of cilantro based salsa (in the moclajete pot) and avocado sauce (in the squeeze bottle).

Inca Cola

The pros: Really, the arepa.  Everything was outstanding, but the arepa was the highlight.  Beans and plantains on a sandwich was really an epiphany for us.  The service was friendly, all the staff played around with our fussy kid to keep him calm, and it was fairly busy for a hidden strip mall gem.

The cons: There was no dessert other than a cake, which isn't really our style.  The ham itself on the sandwich was basically typical deli meat - beef might have been a better choice.  Really, that's all we can come up with.  Really, an all around great experience.

What to get: The arepas, but specifically the pabellon.  We'll try it again to give more recommendations.  The patacone was really good too.

Atmosphere: 4 mo mos.  The restaurant itself was clean and standard, but the staff was very very friendly and excited to please.  Our teenaged waiter made our kid laugh and the manager/owner came and talked to us several times and told us about the place.  Plus, having foreign soda is a nice touch.
Price: 4 mo mos.  The arepa was about $4 and the patacone was about $7.  The arepa was a steal at that price.
Food: 4.25 mo mos*.  We're not ready to give it 4.5, but it might go up after another visit.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Readers of this blog will know we like Latin American and Mexican food, and this keeps up with some of our other favorites.  We don't get to Taylorsville as often as we should (and we really ought to more often - there are several great spots there), but this is worth the drive.
*Subject to change.

Will we be back:
Absolutely. The beef patacone needs sampling and the pabellon arepa needs another try.

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