06 March 2011

lone star taqueria

The place:

What we hoped for:
Something half as good as the hype we'd heard

What we had:
Well, we've had everything. But on this trip we had 2 shrimp burritos, 1/2 shrimp burrito, and a carne adovada burrito.  And 4 Jarritos sodas.

The pros:
Seriously, everything.  This place is truly amazing.  The fish burritos and tacos are already famous, and for a good reason.  The green sauce that comes with the fish and shrimp is a little creamy bit of heaven.  

The cons:
-Everyone hypes the tacos, but the burritos are better.
-Sometimes the fish of the day is cod.  Cod?  Seriously?
-At peak times, it's packed.
-The parking situation is poor.

What to order:
The fish, shrimp, and carne adovada burritos are outstanding.  Maria's plato, the nachos, and the chips and guac are also amazing.  The tacos and tamales are fine, but overhyped.

Are basically right. Except they keep talking about tacos when they should be talking about burritos.

Rating (1-5 mo mos, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best):
Price: 4 mo mos.  It's not the cheapest place we eat, but the price to value is seriously unreal.  We ate for 4, with sodas, for $37.  If you skip the drinks, it would have been more like $29 for 4.
Atmosphere: 5 mo mos.  It has the crazy car outside, the neon skulls, the godzilla tip taker (you'll see what we mean), and truly friendly service.  Indoor/outdoor seating is a plus.  If you go at busy times, it's a mess.  But it's worth it.  Park across the street if it's too busy.

Food: 5 mo mos.  This is in the exclusive "slc shawsome spots" club.  If you're wondering, sharks + awesome = shawsome.  This is as good as it gets.

Will we go back?
Yes. Repeatedly. Often. When you go there, based on this review, you'll probably see us there.

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  1. Heard all the hype as well, driven by a zillion times. Next time I will stop. You've convinced me. (p.s. love this new blog.)