27 March 2011


The place:
Sergio's (website)

What we hoped for:
Another authentic Rose Park area Mexican restaurant.  With it being right next to Red Iguana and Chunga's, we expected something good.

What we had:
Huarache al Pastor - a fried masa base with a green sauce, meat, onions, and cheese and white sauce on top.  Here's the wiki.  It was like an empty pupusa on bottom with good ole classic Mexican goodness on top.  This was certainly the star of the show, and the reason we'll go back.  Apparently, these are big in Mexico City.

Chile Relleno - pretty traditional Chile Relleno, but it wasn't overcooked as they often are, so the chile still had a crunch to it.  It had enough spice to give it a little bite, which is appreciated.  The beans, rice, and tortillas were pretty standard, but good.

The pros:
The huarache.  Absolutely the huarache.  We've heard good things about the sopas and tamales as well, which we'll try next time.  But if you're only going to get one thing there, we recommend the huaraches.

The cons:
It's a little tricky to find, so make sure your directions are good.  The building itself had a pretty bland fast-food style interior that was a little run down, but we weren't there for the atmosphere, so no big complaints here.

What to get:
It feels like we already did this one.

Urban Spoon users:
Don't know much about it.

Rating (1-5 mo-mos, 5 being the best):
Price: 5 mo-mos.  This is legitimately a good deal.  Price to value scale is way up here.  Two meals and two beverages for $15.

Atmosphere: 2 mo-mos.  Not the most fun place to eat.  You're there for the food, not the atmosphere.  That being said, the service was very friendly.
Food: 3.5 mo-mos.  The huarache was a 4 or so, but overall it was good not great.

Will we be back:
Yep.  Probably not right away, but we want to try some of the other dishes.  And even if we don't make it back here right away, there are about 5 other Mexican restaurants within a block that we want to try, so we'll wave soon.

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