27 June 2011

bana parte - farmer's market edition

The place: Bana Parte at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market

What we hoped for: another tasty, cheap Mediterranean place like O'Falafel at one of our favorite Salt Lake events.

What we got:
lamb kabob

grilled cheese


The pros: Very good smelling, fresh ingredients and fast service.  Plus they had red pepper spread and tasty beverages.

The cons: The preparation of the food.  The lamb was overcooked, the pita bread was very dry and should have been toasted, the cheese wasn't melted at all, and the menu said it included eggplant but it didn't.

Rating (changed for Farmer's Market)
Potential: 4.5 mo-mos.  We sure love Mediterranean food; especially lamb.  It was pretty, smelled good, had a good menu, great ingredients, and we had high hopes.
Taste: 2.5 mo-mos.  It turned out to be pretty average.  Perhaps they were too rushed with the crowd of the market, but we were disappointed with how they prepared things.  Overcooking things that shouldn't be, under cooking others.
Price: 3 mo-mos.  Our grilled cheese was $4 and our lamb kabob was $7.  Pretty average price.  We would have rated it higher, had the food been better.

Will we be back? Probably not.  There are many other places to try at the market, and only so many Saturdays until it ends.

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