15 June 2011

o' falafel

The place: 
O' Falafel (website)

What we hoped for: a tasty, cheap Mediterranean place.  We love places like Mazza and Layla Grill, but can't afford them too often.

What we had:
Beef Shwarma and Kifteh

The pros: Delicious sandwiches with fresh ingredients and wonderful spices.  The owner brought out free hummus and pita bread to our son, who was having a hard time.

The cons: The entrees, which sounded great, were a little out of our under $10 budget, but considering the type of food, the price was still reasonable.

What to get: We loved our sandwiches, but we'll be back to try some of the entrees like makhshi and mousakka.

Atmosphere: 4 mo-mos.  It's clean, has plenty of seating, and friendly staff.
Price: 3 mo-mos.  While some of the menu is a little higher than we like to pay, it is definitely cheaper than other Mediterranean restaurants.
Food: 4 mo-mos.  Fresh, flavorful, and healthy.  It was very good, and a nice change of pace restaurant.

Will we be back? Definitely.  There are many other dishes we would love to try.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try O Falafel for a while now since I love Mediterranean food, so I will definitely make it the top of my priority list! If you ever happen to be dining in the Provo/Orem area, you should check out my blog for some reviews!